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Video from the “Aircraft Carrier Premiere” in New York City

May 29, 2009

I finally got around to putting together this short piece about our screening on the Intrepid in March.  Teri Johnson of Harlem is our “759” host, Antonio Camacho an Assistant Scoutmaster from Washington Heights was working the camera and Mark Leszynski was shooting stills.  The soundtrack is “Camp Barton Blues” composed by Paul Merrill.

For obvious reasons Jake & I hope we get a chance to show the film on an aircraft carrier again soon…here is the video on Youtube

This free screening was part of the Boy Scouts of America Greater New York Councils Camping Expo event.  We want to thank them for sponsoring/organizing the screening–we are looking forward to doing more of these kind of events in the future.  If your Council or Troop is interested in setting up a community screening please contact us.


Alvin Townley on 759

May 25, 2009

Jake and I just returned from the BSA Annual Meeting in Orlando.  We had the chance to see Alvin Townley who just published a very good book called “Spirit of Adventure and the Making of America’s Future.”  It highlights the accomplishments of a new generation of Eagle Scouts who are part of the new generation of America’s leaders.

If you are interested in the book check it out at Barnes & Noble here or take a look at the videos on Alvin’s website here.

Alvin Townley's latest opus

Alvin Townley's latest opus

We had read Alvin’s earlier book about more established Eagle Scouts before we started production on “759” and we sent Alvin an early cut of our film to get his feedback.  Now that we are finished with our film Alvin had this to say about “759: Boy Scout of Harlem”

“It’s important to remember that Scouting truly happens at the troop level, and 759: Boy Scouts of Harlem intelligently shows how the Scouting program shapes the lives of one group of young men from New York.  In doing so, this important film begins to capture how Scouting, through thousands of individual troops from communities of every type, shapes and brightens America’s future.”

–Alvin Townley, Eagle Scout & Author of “Spirit of Adventure” & “Legacy of Honor”

DVDs are shipping…and an early review from Baltimore.

May 19, 2009

We have initiated a “soft launch” of our online DVD sales (you can purchase a DVD on our main site here) and we wanted to share some early feedback from a friend of ours in Baltimore.  We love this kind of stuff!

Justin & Jake,

Your movie arrived today at about 4:30pm.

By 7:00pm, my kids (Mac/9 and Bo/4) and I were talking about how we want to meet all of the people featured in your fantastic film. Unless she’s sleeping or in a car, Charlotte (2) does not sit still for long periods of time. She sat with me for the first 45 minutes of your film. Elmo has never commanded this type of attention. Then, she proceeded to dance to the lively soundtrack. During our living room premiere, I had flashbacks of my first “dock test” in frigid water 20+ years ago as well as the friendships created during my summer camp experience.

The film is really quite fabulous. Mac, in particular, was moved by the whole concept of being a scout. The sense of belonging to a unique team, overcoming personal goals, and being part of a tradition came up during our post-movie review. My guess is that your film will have a significant impact the registration rate for future Scouts.

Congratulations on your incredible project.  I hope that you win many awards. You deserve much success.


Pennsylvania Premiere! Gettysburg Festival June 23rd, 7:30

May 17, 2009

We are headed to Jake’s hometown this summer as part of the Gettysburg Festival to screen ‘759’ at the Majestic Theater in downtown Gettysburg for the film’s Pennsylvania Premiere!  The Majestic with 900 seats is one of those perfectly restored movie houses that is a perfect place to enjoy a film.  You can learn more about the event and the fabulous Gettysburg festival here.  Please tell your friends to check it out.

Majestic Theater, Gettysburg Pennsylvania

Tico Perez–The National Commissioner

May 12, 2009

Jake and I had a chance to meet Tico Perez–the National Commissioner–who, if he wasn’t running around the country volunteering for Scouting, could easily play nose guard for the Miami Dolphins.  Tico is one of these great guys who fills up a room with personality and positive energy.  I think he represents the best of what Scouting can be–big, bold, honest, excited, optimistic and forward looking.  We are looking forward to seeing him again at the annual meeting next week in Orlando.  Meanwhile, if you want to get to know Tico better check out his podcast.

Tico Perez, National Commissioner

Tico Perez, National Commissioner

Interview with Scouting News

May 8, 2009

Jake and I did an interview a few months ago with the good people at Scouting news which is the first serious piece of publicity for our film.  The snowy photo is from day two of our recording session in December at City College up in Harlem–we got dumped on that day!

Boy Scouts of Haarlem

May 8, 2009

We were very pleased to receive an email recently from Chris Elsinga who is a Scouter from Holland in the Regio Fryslan.  Chris is the first person to give us some press in Dutch…which, considering that the film is set in what used to be called Haarlem, Nieuw Amsterdam it seems appropriate.  Dank u wel Chris!

You can read about Hofdroolspeler Keith on the Scouting Regio Fryslan blog if you click on item 28 titled “Vraag Het Aan Keith.”  Any volunteer who would like to help us organize a “Low Country” premiere please send us an email.  We’d love to make it happen!

The Intrepid Screening

May 5, 2009

NYC April 28th 2009–On board the Intrepid the film had its standing-room-only  “Aircraft Carrier Premiere” (OK, I know what you are thinking but it was the first time it was shown on an aircraft carrier so what would you call it?).  The state-of-the-art theatre was located in the ship’s former airplane elevator.  The massive screen showed off Jake’s brilliant high definition camera work, Joseph Mastantuono’s expert color correction and John Restrepo’s bugle skillz.  Of course our “stars” were on hand signing autographs, checking out fighter jets and chit chatting on camera with Terri Johnson who brought the spirit of the red carpet to the Intrepid’s battleship grey flight deck!  The event which was free to the public and generously sponsored by the Greater New York Councils.  Thanks!

Troop 759 on the flight deck

Keith takes an interview