The Intrepid Screening

NYC April 28th 2009–On board the Intrepid the film had its standing-room-only  “Aircraft Carrier Premiere” (OK, I know what you are thinking but it was the first time it was shown on an aircraft carrier so what would you call it?).  The state-of-the-art theatre was located in the ship’s former airplane elevator.  The massive screen showed off Jake’s brilliant high definition camera work, Joseph Mastantuono’s expert color correction and John Restrepo’s bugle skillz.  Of course our “stars” were on hand signing autographs, checking out fighter jets and chit chatting on camera with Terri Johnson who brought the spirit of the red carpet to the Intrepid’s battleship grey flight deck!  The event which was free to the public and generously sponsored by the Greater New York Councils.  Thanks!

Troop 759 on the flight deck

Keith takes an interview



One Response to “The Intrepid Screening”

  1. Gail Leopold Says:

    Looking at your videos and blog brought tears to my eyes! I am so happy to see inner city kids getting involved in Scouting! I have been involved in the BSA for the past 15 years and am the mother of an Eagle Scout and currently have 2 foster sons in Cub Scouts. I created a website to promote Scouting after I saw Bill Cosby on the Oprah show complaining about the state of the youth today. I sent them both packets full of info hoping they would jump on board and help promote Scouting but there was no response. I wish Troop 759 and all the new troops like it the very best. I have no doubt that many lives WILL be changed by the lessons and adventures the boys will find in the BSA !!! Congratulations !

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