DVDs are shipping…and an early review from Baltimore.

We have initiated a “soft launch” of our online DVD sales (you can purchase a DVD on our main site here) and we wanted to share some early feedback from a friend of ours in Baltimore.  We love this kind of stuff!

Justin & Jake,

Your movie arrived today at about 4:30pm.

By 7:00pm, my kids (Mac/9 and Bo/4) and I were talking about how we want to meet all of the people featured in your fantastic film. Unless she’s sleeping or in a car, Charlotte (2) does not sit still for long periods of time. She sat with me for the first 45 minutes of your film. Elmo has never commanded this type of attention. Then, she proceeded to dance to the lively soundtrack. During our living room premiere, I had flashbacks of my first “dock test” in frigid water 20+ years ago as well as the friendships created during my summer camp experience.

The film is really quite fabulous. Mac, in particular, was moved by the whole concept of being a scout. The sense of belonging to a unique team, overcoming personal goals, and being part of a tradition came up during our post-movie review. My guess is that your film will have a significant impact the registration rate for future Scouts.

Congratulations on your incredible project.  I hope that you win many awards. You deserve much success.



One Response to “DVDs are shipping…and an early review from Baltimore.”

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    […] You can buy a DVD of the film, or get a kit to use the film to raise money for your Scout unit […]

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