Alvin Townley on 759

Jake and I just returned from the BSA Annual Meeting in Orlando.  We had the chance to see Alvin Townley who just published a very good book called “Spirit of Adventure and the Making of America’s Future.”  It highlights the accomplishments of a new generation of Eagle Scouts who are part of the new generation of America’s leaders.

If you are interested in the book check it out at Barnes & Noble here or take a look at the videos on Alvin’s website here.

Alvin Townley's latest opus

Alvin Townley's latest opus

We had read Alvin’s earlier book about more established Eagle Scouts before we started production on “759” and we sent Alvin an early cut of our film to get his feedback.  Now that we are finished with our film Alvin had this to say about “759: Boy Scout of Harlem”

“It’s important to remember that Scouting truly happens at the troop level, and 759: Boy Scouts of Harlem intelligently shows how the Scouting program shapes the lives of one group of young men from New York.  In doing so, this important film begins to capture how Scouting, through thousands of individual troops from communities of every type, shapes and brightens America’s future.”

–Alvin Townley, Eagle Scout & Author of “Spirit of Adventure” & “Legacy of Honor”


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