Scouts & Johns Hopkins

Jake and I will be speaking today on a panel hosted by Johns Hopkins and Motion Picture Enterprises here in Manhattan.  We will be speaking to mostly undergrads and recent grads who are looking to get into the entertainment industry in one form or another.  There are many notable Hopkins alumni who are superstars in the business (and who would be much better suited for today’s panel discussion)–including Walter Murch, Jeffrey Blitz, Wes Craven and many others.  Neal R. Pilzer, who founded Motion Picture Enterprises and is the publisher of the ubiquitous yellow Motion Picture TV and Theatre Directory is also an alum.

But our film is about Boy Scouts and both Jake and I have been amazed at the number of connections between Boy Scouts and Hopkins.  These include:

Obviously there are tons of other connections between Hopkins and Scouting but I find these particularly interesting.


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