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Northern Exposure

June 18, 2009

Here is a review we just from Heather in Canada…

I just attended what may have been the Canadian premier of Boy Scouts of Harlem – in my livingroom in North Vancouver, British Columbia with my 13 year old son, Farley.  At first he was simply watching to appease his mother, who wanted to see a film produced by her friend, Justin.  But as soon as one of the boy scouts farted on the luggage rack at camp, Farley allowed himself to get closer to the characters.  There are differences, but there are many similarities, too.  My son is around the same age as the boys in the film; he participated in Cubs for a number of years; he has far more strong female than male role models in his life; and he often finds parts of life more challenging than they appear to be for other kids his age.   As Keith attempted to swim, climb or adjust to a night in the tent, Farley commisserated with his fear, angst, frustration and exhaustion.  And when Keith successfully swam two lengths of the outdoor pool area in order to progress to “beginner” swimmer, there were several cheers in our livingroom and they weren’t just coming from the mother sitting in the room.

The success of the boys of Troop 759 represents the hope for success of children everywhere.  The parents among us who sometimes worry that life may have become too hard for our children need these reminders that there are saints out there willing to help us to teach our children courage and determination.  And these boys remind us that children are always ready to rise to challenge if given the chance.

Let’s ensure we live in a world that is always ready to give a child that chance.  Bravo Boy Scouts of Harlem, their leaders, and those who brought this poignant story to us!