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January 29, 2010


Harlem Condo-Life

Harlem Condo-Life Review

Harlem One Stop


Studio Recording-Big Scout Grace

January 25, 2010

Here’s a new behind the scenes video shot when the theme for our film was recorded at City College in Harlem.

Scouts & Johns Hopkins

January 19, 2010

Jake and I will be speaking today on a panel hosted by Johns Hopkins and Motion Picture Enterprises here in Manhattan.  We will be speaking to mostly undergrads and recent grads who are looking to get into the entertainment industry in one form or another.  There are many notable Hopkins alumni who are superstars in the business (and who would be much better suited for today’s panel discussion)–including Walter Murch, Jeffrey Blitz, Wes Craven and many others.  Neal R. Pilzer, who founded Motion Picture Enterprises and is the publisher of the ubiquitous yellow Motion Picture TV and Theatre Directory is also an alum.

But our film is about Boy Scouts and both Jake and I have been amazed at the number of connections between Boy Scouts and Hopkins.  These include:

Obviously there are tons of other connections between Hopkins and Scouting but I find these particularly interesting.

Camp Pouch to be sold?

December 30, 2009

The Greater New York Councils are serviced by three Scout Camps–Camp Alpine, which is right across the Hudson river in New Jersey, Ten Mile River Scout Camps–which is where our film was shot and the home of Camp Keowa–and Camp Pouch which is located on Staten Island. Staten Island has a great Scouting history and, on a per-capita basis, is probably the NYC borough with the strongest traditional Scouting program.  The TMR Museum, by the way, does an excellent job of documenting NYC Scouting history.

The New York City Boy Scouts have been hit dramatically by the economic crisis over the last few years. One option on the table to deal with the Council’s financial problems is to extract some money from Camp Pouch–by selling the camp outright our selling rights related to development of the property. I think everyone–including Staten Islanders, volunteers and the NYC Scouting professionals–would be very sorry to see Camp Pouch close. A dynamic group of community activists have rallied to save the camp and set up a website here and a Facebook page here.  As of this morning the Facebook page had 6,246 members which I find remarkable.

In my view the best long-term solution to the problems faced by the NYC Councils is to recruit more Scouts and volunteers–to fill up the camps with kids from the city who wouldn’t otherwise have a chance to experience what Scout Camp has to offer.  I also recently heard an innovative idea to boost camp attendance from a long time Staten Island Scouter.  It is possible to get from Camp Pouch to Manhattan by public transport (the trip includes the Staten Island Ferry, of course).  Why not market the camp as a destination for Troops around the country to come and camp for a few days in a beautiful spot–and visit the greatest city in the world?

759 in Johns Hopkins Magazine

December 9, 2009

Jake and I both were lucky enough to attend Johns Hopkins in Baltimore.  I studied International Relations, Jake studied in the Writing Seminars department.  Hopkins is also the alma mater of some famous Eagle Scouts–including Mike Bloomberg the Mayor of our Fair City and Dr. Peter Agre a Nobel Prize winning scientist and the father of two Eagle Scouts.  It was a special honor to screen our film at Hopkins and also get this write up in the Winter edition of Johns Hopkins magazine.

Senator Jeff Sessions on the film

November 9, 2009


“We must work hard and do all we can to promote scouting and its continued growth amongst our young people.  I think that films like this one will go a long way in helping to achieve that goal.”  – Senator Jeff Sessions

759 goes to Capitol Hill

October 13, 2009

We would like to thank our Sponsors Sentator E. Benjamin Nelson and Senator Jeff Sessions for a fantastic celebration of Scouting on Capitol Hill last week with the screening of 759 in the Congressional Auditorium.  We also would like to thank Al Lambert and Dan Ross and everyone else at the National Capital Area Council for making the event a success.  Willie Iles Jr. from the National Office and Ron Timmons and Brian Gorman from the Greater New York Councils also played important roles and gave tremendous support.

We thought you would enjoy some photos of 759 on the Hill…

Scouts on the Balcony

Devon on the Democratic Senate Leader's balcony

Keith with his mom & grandmother

Senator Sessions addresses the crowd

Congressional Auditorium

Wille Iles Jr., Ron Timmons, Justin Szlasa, Jake Boritt, Keith Dozier, Okpoti Sowah, Ann Dozier

Celebration of Scouting on Capitol Hill

October 13, 2009

A letter from Senator Ben Nelson & Senator Jeff Sessions

Senate Letter

Celebration of Scouting on Capitol Hill…Screening Oct 8th

October 6, 2009

Here is the official invitation to the screening of 759 on Capitol Hill.  All are welcome but you do need to RSVP…


759: BOY SCOUTS OF HARLEM….a documentary film

Sponsored by Senators Jeff Sessions and Senator Ben Nelson

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

5:30 PM sharp

Capitol Hill Visitor’s Center

Congressional Auditorium – CVC 200

Enter on First Street & E. Capitol Street and allow time to clear security

You are invited to attend the Washington, DC premiere of the film 759: Boy Scouts of Harlem to celebrate Scouting and its contribution to American values. The Sponsors, members of Troop 759 and local and national Scouting representatives will be present and a Q&A with the filmmakers will follow the screening.

Please come to this exciting DC premiere of the film.  The event is free but you’ll have to RSVP at dcscreening@gmail.com or call Justin Szlasa at 917.355.9895.

This is an open invitation so please forward it to friends, colleagues or Scouters who you think might be interested to attend.


The film follows Boy Scout Troop 759, a Troop located in Harlem, NY, and eleven-year-old scout Keith Dozier who takes his first trip to a Scout summer camp. The film shows, in a fun way, how Scouting can transcend geography, age, race and economics to teach practical skills and build character among America’s youth.  It is the first major documentary ever made about a Boy Scout Troop and celebrates Scouting’s contribution to America in one of America’s most iconic neighborhoods. The film is warm, tender, funny and upbeat.  You can learn more about the film and watch the trailer at http://www.harlemscouts.com.


The Boy Scouts of America is the largest youth scouting organization in the United States and will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2010.  Since 1910, more than 111,000,000 people have been members of the Boy Scouts of America, including over 215 currently serving Members of Congress and Senators.  In 1916, Congress granted the Boy Scouts of America a Federal charter.

Jamesburg-Monroe, NJ Screening Sponsored by Troop 54 Oct 17th

October 5, 2009

We are very happy to announce that the good folks at Troop 54 of Jamesburg-Monroe are sponsoring a screening on Saturday, October 17th at 7PM at the Jamesburg Presbyterian Church
(Corner of Gatzmer & Church St. in Jamesburg, NJ). More information about the screening and Troop 54 is available at http://www.T54.us. Thanks!